Last weekend I watched a movie about happiness that was exposed in our local community center. It was a documentary by Julien Peron who made a world trip and asked 1500 people about their definition of happiness. Peron comes to the conclusion that every human being has it’s unique definition of happiness, which means there are over 7 billion definitions. Even though the answers of the interviewed people in the movie were very different and individual, a few things were said multiple times.

These are some aspects of happiness that were mentioned and that I find particulary inspiring:

1 – Happiness is independant of the circumstances in my life. Waiting to the moment we get that dreamjob, find the right partner, move into a new house, earn more money, get a child, buy a new smartphone, etc. really doesn’t make sense, because these things don’t make us happy. It’s not about what I experience, but about how I perceive my experiences. I can be happy NOW, if I decide to.

2 – This is where being grateful comes into play. There are thousands of reasons to be grateful everyday. It’s good to feel that gratefulness as often as possible.

3 – Loving and accepting myself exactly how I am is essential for my happiness. It allows me to love each and everything. This state of unconditional love can be called happiness.

4 – Being free of expectations leads to happiness. There are no such things as “failures” and “succes” anyways. Everything we perceive as a failure is actually the beginning of a success and vice versa. As a consequence, I can just gratefully accept everything that happens without judgement.

5 – A good way to put this into practice is to constantly forgive – myself and others.

6 – When our actions are fully aligned with our thoughts and values, we are happy.

7 – Getting regulary in touch with our true self makes us happy. The idea is that we shouldn’t get lost in the worldly things that seem to dominate our daily life. We can meditate, do yoga, have a walk in nature, just sit down and breathe, etc. All these techniques help us find out what we truly want and therefore reduce our concerns about issues that actually don’t matter a lot.

8 – Taking care of our body, mind and soul is beneficial for our happiness. Self-care is so important! If happiness is what I want to achieve in my life, I should make it a priority.

I agree with all of these points. For me, in a nutshell, happiness means being in a state of love and flowing through life.

What does happiness mean to you?